Working Group

The KHS Communities in Motion working group included faculty, staff and students from all across York University. Lead by Parissa Safai (KHS), the working group was comprised of (in alphabetical order):

Joseph Baker (KHS)
Angelo Belcastro (KHS)
Pat Bradley (Nursing)
Loriann Hynes (KHS)
Bertland Imai (Learning Technology Services)
Michael Johnny (KMb Unit)
Yuka Nakamura (KHS)
Anda Petro (Faculty of Health)
Emily Servais (Faculty of Health)
Kathleen Winningham (YU Experience Hub)

The following individuals also contributed to the KHS Communities in Motion project:

Michael Boni (KHS)
Krista Jensen (KMb Unit)
Deanna Lentini (Fix the 6ix)
Abena Offeh-Gyimah (Doctoral Student, McMaster University)
Kristine Pedernal (Nursing)
Sam Tecle (Doctoral Student, Sociology)
Lauren Wolman (Doctoral Candidate, KHS)

The KHS Communities in Motion project would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of the following KHS undergraduate students:

Venous Ahmadipour
Arvin Ardakani
Ilia Azari
Dusan Calic
Nader Chaya
Dary Darvin
Shir Grunebaum
Angelo Kaja
Mahnaz Khomamizadeh
Monica Lee
Niyousha Mojri
Pegah Rahbar
Dean Vaksman
Kristofer Vaso
Dolev Yissar

The KHS Communities in Motion project was generously funded by the Office of the Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning through the Academic Innovations Fund (AIF).